Thursday, 16 October 2008

Something About Me

I don’t believe it’s been almost a month I last updated!

It’s not bloggers block I’ve just been really busy.

Anyway, I’ve decided to write something about myself.

Before I proceed I just want to tell you that I know a blogger friend, maybe two actually, who will not be updating for a very long time maybe even never again. I will not reveal their identities. I will leave that that to the bloggers in question.

I discovered that there are certain things about me, which I considered normal but other people think are really strange. So I decided to compile a list of thirteen of such things:

I prefer Winter to Summer because of the longer nights during winter

I don’t condone crime but I admire the Mafia

I have a fascination for cemeteries and other things morbid, undertakers, caskets, hearses and funeral parlours

I think aloud a lot

I love being alone, all by myself

I’d love to be an international spy

I’m in my thirties and not married because I believe that the earlier you got married the longer you will be married for

I’m a strong supporter of the Death Penalty clause

I used to have a crush on Lisa Bonnet when she was acting in ‘the Cosby Show’. Maybe I still do

I love reading about the likes of Rudolph Hess, Henrich Himmler, Herman Goring, Joseph Goebbells and other Defendants at the Nuremberg trials

I can be very funny unintentionally

I have three different Facebook accounts and none in any of the names that appear on my birth certificate

I’d like to name my first son ‘Bart’, after ‘Bart Simpson’.

Pray tell me, which one of the items on my list do you consider strange?